July 16, 2018

Styling Sweatshirts in Summer

Can I start by saying how incredibly happy I am about the weather in the UK right now? So far its been a summer full of sunshine and we have had pretty much no rain in Manchester which is totally unheard of. Its safe to say I’m absolutely loving it!! Normally good old UK summers consist of rain and cloudy weather with a slight chill in the air most days and I really hope this isn’t the case for the last of it! One thing I have been struggling with is when I’ve been out and about in the day and it gets chillier in the evenings leaving me practically naked and vulnerable to the chill. It’s always too much to carry a jacket around with you when is so hot, and sweatshirts are a great to throw onto any outfit and can be easily carried around whilst also acting as an accessory to your outfit around your waist. I forgot just how cool it is to tie a sweatshirt around your waist to be honest. You instantly look like you’ve really thought about your outfit and it’s a way of layering up when it seems too hot to do so. winner winnerrrr.


Nicce Sweatshirt* / French Connection Trousers (similar) / PLT bandeau

Fila Trainers / Mango Sunglasses (similar)

Nicce recently got in contact with me about styling one of their hoodies/sweatshirts on the blog and I thought why not style it in a v casual day-to-night summer look? They have so many nice styles. I really wanted to go for a black one, because we all know black goes with everything, but I just love this sand shade and its nice and soft for the summer. They do have a great collection of black ones though, If you search ‘black hoodie womens‘ theres some lovely ones on there to chose from! Hoodies and sweatshirts are perfect to throw on as it gets a bit nippier at festivals, especially festivals in the UK, although maybe not at the minute with this heatwave!!

How lucky am I to have this lovely field right behind our flat? Its such a lovely view from up there and since the flowers have bloomed out here and the grass has had that edgy yellow frazzled look to it I’ve been wanting to shoot this location. I’m so happy with how the photos have turned out. All credit obviously goes to my Instagram husband who is rather embarrassingly much better at working my camera than me.

Let me know what your thoughts are on styling hoodies and sweatshirts in the summer in the comments below 🙂

Laura xx

Photos by George Walker

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