June 14, 2018

Trends I’m Loving This Summer

Hey hey hey.

Its been ages since I wrote a post actually about fashion. Isn’t that weird? A fashion blogger that doesn’t seem to write about fashion. I’ve been focusing on writing about more meaningful topics and I guess you could say I’ve kinda got a bit deep. I’ve loved taking a different spin on my blog posts and making them more lifestyle based. But I’ve also really missed writing about fashion.

I guess you could say thats what I’ve been doing on my Instagram, so there is no need to write about these things on my blog too. After all, if people get to see and read about what I’m wearing and what I’m loving, why would they need to click on my blog link too? Thats another reason I started to write more… to give people a reason to read it – to give smileatstyle.com a purpose. I know that if I want fashion inspiration I go straight to Instagram and I’ll find it there more or less in an instant. Everything is linked, everything is tagged and everything is readily available.

I have developed a love for writing and even though each post takes me 10x longer to write, it is so worth it. I no longer write 4 sentences about where I got my outfit from, I now finish a post and I look back on what I have written with a sense of accomplishment and pride and it gives someone a reason to visit my blog. I leave the internet with a piece of me and I am super happy about it.

But lets get down to it, this is a fashion blog. And although I’ve still included fashion imagery, where are the fashion posts at? I’ve been sharing my latest Wishlist additions, obsessing over Public Desire Trainers and lusting over my fav Warehouse jumpsuit* over on my Instagram stories. But my main platform is of course my blog. So here I am, back to basics and back to fashion chat.

So lets talk about what trends I am investing in this season. Before I go on, I just want to be clear that when I say invest, I mean investing my energy and enthusiasm, not my money because this gal is trying her best to save (help. me. sos. window. shopping. is. shit.)

I obviously have no pictures of me wearing any of these so I’m just gonna settle for some pics of me in a completely unrelated outfit.

Hair Scarves

I was sold on Hair Scarves as soon as I saw Chloe Plumstead rocking them. I absolutely love them, they add something extra to any outfit and don’t look as childish as it sounds. I like these from free people and this one from ASOS. I don’t actually own a hair scarf, I’ve just been winging it with an actual full sized scarf, it weighs my head down but it looks pretty cool and its so long it makes me feel like I’ve got a party pony (whatever that it – totally just invented a new thing.)


Chunky Trainers

Heres an item in this feature that I not only actually own, but I am also wearing in this post. There was a time that I would have looked at trainers like the Fila’s I’m wearing here and shrieked at the thought that I’d ever wear them in the future. But now they are my literal life! I wear these trainers pretty much every day. Trainers are comfy, make any outfit look cool, go with pretty much everything and you’re able to run for the bus without a sudden influx of blisters.


Can we just stop for a second and talk about all the lavender in stores right now? I am in love with these trousers from Zara and I desperately want them to be mine. I don’t think I’ve ever worn lavender and I don’t know how well it will suit my so-pale-its-almost-transparent skin, but I’m hoping for the best and Ill probably wear it anyway.


Contrasting Stripes and Polka Dots

Probably my favourite trend this season. We’ve all been there and have done a lil bit of clashing before, but a dress with half one print and half another? Bloody amazing. Sign me up. I’ll take one in every colour. Take all of my money. I LOVE this dress from ASOS and this top from Topshop.


Thin Cat Eye Sunglasses 

Now this is one I’ll definitely only be investing enthusiasm into. I LOVE this trend. These glasses are so effortlessly stylish and cool. You could be wearing a bin bag and these glasses would transform you into urban queen. I’ve tried these on though and I do not look like an urban queen. My face is as round as the moon which means I’ll unfortunately be missing out on this trend, I can just admire from afar and appreciate them without looking like I’m off to a fancy dress party dressed as someone from the matrix cast. Here are two of my fav pairs from ASOS and eBay.


The Straw Round Bag

Are you even a fashion blogger if you don’t have one of these bags? I guess I’m not then lol. In all seriousness though these bags have become the talk of Instagram recently and I love them!! If I do end up on holiday anywhere this year and I happen to need a new holiday bag, I think this one from Topshop is my favourite and the one I’ve probably seen most online. I don’t wanna be a copy cat but in the words of Paris Hilton, its hot and I want it.


Images taken by George Walker


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