February 18, 2018

It’s Time to Stop Saying and Start Doing

Its Saturday the 17th February. It has been exactly 48 days since it turned 2018 and I am sat in a coffee shop in Manchester trying to write words for this blog. I guess I am in a writing rut? I don’t know. Every now and then one of these pops up for everyone, but I don’t really write much on here anyway, so it almost seems unfair that I cant get anything out of my brain on one of the only times I have put aside time to blog this month.

So it’s been 48 days since 2017 which means its 48 days since I wrote my goals list for this year. Within this list I included 3 blog posts a week, an iPad drawing a week, 2 youtube videos a week and 1 Instagram post a day. Has that happened? It bloody well hasn’t. Ive barely managed 1 blog post a week, I haven’t uploaded to the ‘gram in 6 days, I have completed 2 iPad drawings this year so far and I haven’t filed one proper youtube video.

George and I have been really focused on our goals for this year (well, maybe I haven’t as much) and I had to ask myself, am I just being lazy or have I just set unrealistic expectations for myself? I think it must be a mixture of both, and thats why I’m currently sat here trying to clear up all of the word vomit on my laptop in an overcrowded coffee shop.

I haven’t nailed any of my goals so far and we are nearly 2 months into 2018 (shit). I have tweaked my goals a little this afternoon and now I’m here, writing about a writers block with a writers block. How does that even make any sense? I guess maybe I don’t have a writers block today after all? Maybe its just an excuse? I am the master of procrastination. With the three hours Ive set aside to blog here, I have just spent one of them searching for holidays for my friends and this summer. FYI we are looking into a chilled holiday in Lisbon in July and getting a day ticket to NOS festival around the corner to see the Arctic Monkeys. Winner winner chicken dinner. 


Lasula Boutique Jumper* / Lasula Boutique Skirt* / PLT Boots*

I may have set myself unrealistic goals, but I need to get to the main issue here. Every single evening I say to George I will get up with him at 6am, which gives me 3 hours until I need to leave the flat for work. Imagine having the privilege of waking up at 6 and having 3 whole hours to get ready, eat a delicious breakfast and be productive? But EVERY SINGLE MORNING I ignore my alarm, George kisses me goodbye at 7am and I snooze again for another hour, sometimes maybe even for longer. What is wrong with me? How can I ever complain about having loads to do and having no growth on my blog, youtube and insta? Turn around and look at yourself Laura bbz!

I feel like this cant just be me. Every year we all set ourselves amazing resolutions, that start exactly on the 1st of January and by the end of the year our old habits have fully risen to the surface and we are starting our resolutions the very next January, a lot of the time with the same resolution we set the previous year. Every January gyms up and down the country are bursting at the seams with new memberships. And by February the gym is back to how it was in December. Dead. As a nation we are big dreamers. Theres an awful lot of saying and not a lot of doing. Well in my case there is anyway. But as of today I am not letting this happen anymore.

I am going to be taking a lot of inspiration from Kat Horrocks who’s motto is ‘put yourself first’ and goal setting. She has a free goal setting workbook on her website. George printed it out the other week and filled it all out and he found it really helped, so Im going to do the same! Hopefully then I will find the energy and motivation to get up early in the mornings!

Have you got any motivation or goal setting tips? Please do share as I need all the help I can get!

Laura Frances x

Laura Frances Heitzman

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