February 4, 2018

Why Leaving University is the Hardest Thing about University

When you first find out you are heading to university, you are told how hard it is adjusting to living with people you don’t know, but what about adjusting back when those people you don’t know end up becoming your best friends and you have to move back home? You are told that it is difficult looking after yourself, getting used to a new city, paying bills, studying hard and having to make your own bacon butties when you feel too hungover to do so, which will most likely result in you just staying in bed all day and consuming nothing but ready grated cheese and rehydration sachets.

All of these things are hard. Uni changes you, it transforms you from a child into an adult. After countless pasta-pesto/pasta-cheese dishes you will eventually learn how to cook. You will learn how to look after your own space, wash your own clothes and how to handle being around people you don’t necessarily get on with so well. Even if it takes until you get to final year, you will learn how to stop leaving everything until the last minute. You will learn how to actually make it on time to your lectures and practicals, and you sure as hell learn how to be yourself. You will make friends, you will fall out with friends, you will make mistakes and you will learn from them. This will all be tough. Extremely tough at some points, but through all of this you will become a better person and you will be so glad you moved away and went to University.



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Nobody tells you how hard moving back home from university is. Alongside all of this you will learn to be independent and you will be your own boss. 3am and you fancy nipping to 24hr Tesco for a Ben and Jerrys? Sure thing. Fancy a last minute night out with gals? Pre drinks at yours 10.30pm?!  Sure thing. Cant be bothered washing up tonight and just want to leave it till tomorrow morning instead? Sure thing. You’re a tad hungover and want to lay in until 2pm? Sure effin’ thing. That just simply isn’t the case when you move back home. As lovely as it is to be back with your family with your home friends within walking distance again, you lose all the independence you once had. An independence that you had for 3 years.

Throughout all of this you make friends that stick by you through the rough parts and they will be there to celebrate with you through the great times. You will go through this once in a lifetime journey with them and you will watch each other grow. You will fall in love with your second city. Or maybe your home city will take a backseat and your university home will become your favourite city after all. When you move away from home, the friends that you make are no longer just around the corner, they are dotted all around the country, and perhaps the world. It is certainly bitter sweet. It is great to be back home with the friends you missed during your time at university, and its great to be back with your family, but knowing that you’ll never be back in the life you once had at uni, with the same set of people around you, in the same house ever again is certainly heartbreaking. After graduating nearly two years ago I am still ridiculously soppy when I meet up with my university friends and we reminisce about old times. I would do anything to live in Leeds again and it would never be the same as it was without each and every one of my favourite people there too.

I think what gets to me the most is that your whole life is changed as soon as you pack up and leave for home. My whole lifestyle became a distant memory with the click of my fingers. I don’t know if I am just overly sentimental or if other people feel this way too, but I feel like I even miss negative parts of my time at university just because I know that the experience will never happen again in my lifetime. I will never go to another lecture again. I will never see any of my lecturers or technicians again. I will never set foot in the beautiful Laid Law library ever again. I will never venture out to the Tesco express across the road from uni for a midnight study snack again. I will never go to a union night out again. My housemates and I will never host the best ever pre drinks again. I will never design a whole portfolio in just a few months again. I will never be able to walk out of my lovely room and into either Naomi or Alisha’s and just sit and play the sims eating whatever we fancy and drinking a shit ton of Sanpellegrino again. I will never go on a spur of the moment night out in the week again. I am so grateful that I can look over my time at university with a warm heart, and sometimes with rose tinted glasses as I know there are people out there that don’t have this feeling about their time at university, and perhaps they couldn’t wait to get back home. But for me, the hardest thing about university was coming home and leaving it all behind.

If any of my lovely university friends are reading this, I love you and I miss you xxx

Laura Frances x

Laura Frances Heitzman

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