December 22, 2017

Shoryu Ramen Bottomless Brunch

I’ve always thought of myself as being a big a fan of oriental food, although throughout my 24 years I have only ever really delved into Chinese and most recently Thai food. So maybe not lols. Japanese has always intrigued me. I feel like it isn’t as big in the UK compared to other western countries like the USA. You always hear the celebrities over in America talking about ramen and I never really got it. Noodles in a broth? Are they like the very runny super noodles I’ve had in the past when I’ve put too much water in the pan? When Shoryu Ramen dropped an email to invite me to try their bottomless brunch I was 1) very excited about the amount of food that was involved, and 2) excited to finally try Ramen (and Japanese food in general for the first time ever!)

Lets get to the best part about the brunch – unlimited drinks. And I’m not talking about Sprite and Fanta here, I’m talking about prosecco (I know, right?). We also had unlimited Ramen. Spoiler alert: we didn’t even manage to finish our first bowl of ramen because we were so full up on all of the starters and sides!

To start you get a bowl of Edamame and a steamed bun of your choice. George and I love to share food so we got one pork bun and one halloumi bun and split them so we could try both, Let me tell ya I could have eaten 20 of the pork buns. Delish. If you go, definitely go for the pork it was seriously tasty.

We then moved onto the sides. We were SO impressed and SO excited that we got to pick four sides each. With seven to choose from we went for one of each dish and we doubled up on the deep fried octopus balls which I believe are called Takoyaki. Before visiting I had a look at a few reviews online and I found that the Takoyaki was a firm favourite and I can see why. We were so glad we ordered two of these delish dishes! In fact, I can taste them now just thinking about them.

The tiger prawn tempura was fab as I expected and deliciously crispy without being too heavy. It was great to try quite a lot of dishes that we had never tried or even heard of before too. Our lovely waitress and the manager of the branch talked us through the origins of some of the dishes and it was great to get that kind of insight into what we were eating, especially when trying a new cuisine for the first time. The only thing we weren’t so keen on was the black sesame tofu, I think I prefer tofu when it is fried or a little crispy, I just don’t think that silken tofu is my kinda thing.

Onto the main event. The RAMEN. Okay, so I can confirm that ramen does not taste like very watery super noodles. In fact, ramen is damn delicious. I went for the chicken curry ramen and it did not disappoint. The chicken was still crispy which I didn’t really expect after drowning in a lovely curry broth. The only disappointing thing about the ramen was the fact that I could. not. eat. it. I am a very messy eater to start with, I struggle to eat anything without it falling on my chin, onto the table and then all over my lap. And as you can imagine with ramen being a very runny dish it ended up being a ridiculously hilarious task trying to get any of it from the spoon and into my mouth successfully. The manager lovingly offered me a (child’s) bib which went down very well and actually kept my lovely yellow top very dry.

After all of the ramen we got to try a few cool ice cream flavours. I absolutely loved the matcha flavour, and with the manager suggesting that the black sesame seed and chocolate flavours mixed together tasted like Reese’s peanut butter bites we HAD to try it. He wasn’t far off and they tasted delicious together.

The bottomless brunch is actually on offer all day every Sunday, so you could actually have it for your tea too. At £38 it is definitely an expensive brunch, but with the amount of drinks that you get it is definitely worth it and that isn’t even mentioning the man vs food amount of dishes you get too. I definitely recommend this place and I will be recommending it to people I know for the foreseeable future, especially when planning a celebration. Although you will most definitely need a big table! Thank’s so much Shoryu Ramen for inviting us to try your bottomless brunch, we absolutely loved it and had a fabulous time!

Laura Frances xx

Laura Frances Heitzman

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