December 8, 2017

Barn//it – The Sassiest Hair Salon in Town

Looking for a sassy AF hair do whilst being treated as a sassy AF queen whilst you are at it? Barn//it is the one for you. Natasha (The Manchester Mermaid) has coloured my hair twice now, once for a subtle blonde balayage and once a lovely vibrant pink for my holiday to Benicassim Festival in the summer. I stumbled across these photos last week, having completely forgotten that I’d taken them with the aim of writing a piece on this fabulous salon. I blame the chaos of Benicassim festival!

Complimentary cocktail upon arrival? Yes please. Super gorj pink furniture? Yes please. A lovely atmosphere? Yes please. I can’t remember what cocktail I had here because it was back in July but I can tell ya I remember it being delish! In fact, I think it was a palmer violet flavour cocktail, or one that tasted like it anyway! The cocktail bar is upstairs in the beauty salon, I was super early for my appointment so I sat upstairs waiting in the hustle and bustle of the beauty salon whilst ladies of all ages were getting lash extensions, pedicures and glitter hair with some members of the team on their lunch break eating pizza!

I am someone that absolutely LOVES getting their hair done. I don’t get it done very often – around twice a year (I know its so bad – my New Years resolution is to get regular trims) so it’s always a treat when I do get it done. After years of hair disasters at budget hair salons growing up and throughout uni, I decided to invest in a proper good hair do in May and it was the best decision I made for my locks. I went for balayage which so far has lasted me seven months. A full head of foils is just so hard to maintain – bleach every three months would have totally deep fried my hair, so instead I just settled for huge blunt roots. What was I thinking? I don’t know. Balayage was the answer I was looking for and Natasha was amazing.

So the before and after pictures show quite a difference! Apologies for the grease bomb that is my hair. I absolutely loved having pink hair. I went to benicassim three days after my hair was dyed and unfortunately it all washed away in the sea on the first day. Cries. I think pink hair, and any kind of red toned hair is quite hard to maintain as it literally wants to wash out of your hair. I wish I’d have avoided the salt water but ah well I enjoyed it whilst it lasted! I’m booked in to get my hair re colored (with a mazzive trim I may add) a couple of days before Christmas and I can’t wait. I’m booked in with Nathaniel this time because unfortunately Natasha wasn’t available but I can’t wait to go back and have a fresh new hair do! Isn’t it amazing what a hair cut can do?

Laura Frances Heitzman

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