November 30, 2017

Dressing Outside Of the Box

I’m currently sat at home feeling v sorry for myself. I’m supposed to be at a really cool event tonight, the Heidi Mortimer Hicks Launch and I am sat in bed after a very lonely day off work sulking into my Mac watching Blue Planet II. On a side note, can we please talk about how amazing the footage is? Absolutely incredible, like I’m literally blown away. I was ~almost~ crying when the there wasn’t enough ice for the walrus to keep their young safe. I sincerely hope Donald Trump gets a lil viewing of this so that he can sink back into his little old man chair filled with regret. Anyway I seem to have lost track of where this post is heading. If someone were to tell 16 year old Laura back in the day that at the grand age of 23 I would be strutting around Manchester in a pair of leopard print flares, she would have spat out her drink (probably an apple tango) and laughed in your face. When I say laughing, I mean laughing out of fear, like shit why do I have to be the one that turns into a weirdo.

To be quite honest, I have got to the point in my life where I am comfortable in my own skin and I am extremely comfortable with my own style. I accepted that it’s okay to be different a long time ago, but now I am finally letting myself be different, or should I say, myself. I am no longer trying to steer away from wearing black all of the time, it kind of just happens most of the time anyway, because I actually prefer wearing colour now. What you wear and how you present yourself is the first thing that people see when they meet you. What you put over your body should reflect you and what you are all about. If I were to describe my personality in three words I would say that I am bubbly, friendly and excitable, and I think that my recent clothing choices definitely reflect those traits.

H&M Mens T-Shirt / Urban Outfitters crop (similar) / Accessorize Scarf (similar) /

Pretty Little Thing Trousers

Whenever I wear these trousers, or anything even remotely ‘out there’ I without a doubt get a few odd looks, and I hear occasional bitchy comments from other girls to each other that go along the lines of ‘what is she wearing?’ Life is too short to worry about what people think. Why should I wear a basic black dress when I would love to wear a pink sequin number with clashing shoes? Trying to please others with your choice of dress is never going to make anyone else feel differently about you, not anyone that matters anyway… and it most certainly won’t make you feel any better about yourself. I have grown to love my style and I am so happy that I am now willing to experiment with different prints and colours. The possibilities are endless!


Laura Frances Heitzman

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