October 25, 2017

Review: Celebrating World Pasta Day at Vapiano

Pasta is one of my favourite things in life. Had a bad day? Have some pasta. Had a great day? Celebrate with some pasta. Get home from work and have nothing in to eat? Its ok, just whip up a tasty pasta dish! If you are arranging a meal for a group of people, Italian restaurants are the go-to. Everybody I know loves Italian food. Pizza, pasta, bruschetta, garlic bread, risotto… the list goes on. When dining in an Italian restaurant, without a doubt I will always go for pasta. Why? Not only is it a fail safe option and something I know I’ll love, but in my opinion it beats absolutely everything else on a Manu. Of course I love pizza, who doesn’t? But pasta…. ahhh pasta, it just fills my heart and soul with pure joy.

Y’see all those years at university where I literally couldn’t cook for shit and I had next to no money to be able to afford anything but pasta got me appreciating how bloody good it is. I started off making really basic pasta dishes with nothing but onion, garlic, Philadelphia and whatever frozen meat I had on the go and I’ve pretty much not changed this recipe in 5 years. When I have pasta at a restaurant it is a special treat and I love it.

On Sunday George and I were invited down to Vapiano in the Corn Exchange to celebrate world pasta day. Vapiano had been on my list of places to visit for some time so I was excited that this opportunity came up and I had an excuse to go!

First impressions were great, the decor was absolutely beautiful, very quirky and very modern. We were greeted by a lovely lady at the front reception who gave us our cards and let us know how everything works at Vapiano. The way you work out how to pay is so cool, and it’s a concept that I reckon will become quite popular in other restaurants too. Each person gets given their own card before the meal and every time somebody orders something they pop it on their card. Its a great idea for big group of people as everyone knows the struggle of trying to split the bill with a huge table!

The lovely manager, Maz was so lovely and talked us through everything, took our drinks orders and swiped our cards. We are doing Go Sober October so we went for some lovely mocktails. The great thing about ordering food at Vapiano is that you just order what you fancy when you fancy. Want to order your starter but don’t know what you want for your main yet? No worries, just order your stater and worry about your main later. And when you do order you actually go over to the kitchen and order it with the chefs, swipe your card at the kitchen counter and watch your food being made in front of you.

For starters I went for bruschetta with king prawns and George went for the classic Bruschetta with mozzarella. We were both really pleased with them and the best bit about it was that the chefs asked us how much chilli and garlic we wanted so we could modify it to our tastes.

The same went for the mains. We both (obviously) went for pasta. I went for salmon carbonara. Carbonara is my absolute all time favourite so I thought I would go for something different and have salmon instead of bacon. I did enjoy it, but salmon aint no bacon and I think I’d probably go for the original carbonara next time. George went for the Salami and ricotta dish which had¬†salami, ricotta cheese, pine nuts, onions, butter, white wine and rocket. I tried a little of it and it tasted so good! When you get to the kitchen you have the option to chose your pasta type. All of the pasta is freshly made in store which is a lovely touch. I went for the Pappardelle which is a type of pasta I’d never even heard of let alone tried before and George went for classic Linguine.


For dessert, we were told by Maz that all of the desserts were made fresh that very morning. We headed over to the dessert bar which is the same section as the main bar, so naturally we also ordered some more Mocktails too! I went for New York Cheesecake which was deliciously creamy and came with a gorgeous strawberry sauce and George went for the Panacotta which I also had a cheeky spoonful of and was so delish too!

Thank you Vapiano for inviting us to try out your menu for world pasta day, we had. great time and will most definitely be back!

Laura Frances Heitzman

Part time designer and illustrator and full time traveller. Thanks so much for stopping by. If you want to find out more about me visit my about me page :) Laura x

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