September 24, 2017

Go Sober October & My Relationship With Alcohol


Alcohol makes me feel good about myself. When I drink I feel much more confident. I can feel like I’m a slightly better version of myself when I’ve had a few. Alcohol can help ease certain either uncomfortable or nerve-wracking situations, it can make you feel more at ease. For me, some of the best memories are made over a few glasses of wine with friends. Some hilarious situations have occurred, especially whilst at university on nights out, as they say, no good story started with a salad.

Alcohol can take the edge off a stressful day, it can make you feel a little better and it can aid great memories, but it can also be a bad thing. There are countless times I have woken up after a night out where I have been filled with regret after maybe something stupid I’ve said or done. Maybe I embarrassed myself after a few shots, maybe I told somebody something I shouldn’t have, maybe I upset somebody, or maybe I just brought the crazy embarrassing dance moves out? Like many people, my emotions are heightened when I’ve got a few units in my system, which is most of the time pretty good as I am normally overly happy and positive anyway, but when I am feeling upset, I get really upset. There have been so many drunken breakdowns when I’ve been down about something, and that is no fun for anybody, especially my friends who are probably just wanting to have a good time.


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Without a doubt I will always wake up after even just a few drinks with a hangover of doom. Back in the day I’d be able to down 10 jaeger bombs, 5 shots of tequila and a zillion vodka lemonades and I’d be able to go to work the next day no probs. I was able to drink nearly every day during freshers week and girly holidays. Now I can have just 2 or 3 glasses of wine and I can’t even eat anything the next day. It’s ridiculous and Im only bloody 23! I look in the mirror at my hungover ridden body and think WHYYYYY? Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it worth it? I would bet my whole life on the fact that you – whoever is reading this has at least once, like myself said the words ‘I am never drinking again.’ I can’t help but think to myself that it must be so bad for my health. But I do it again, every time.


I don’t want to be the kind of person that relies on alcohol to have a good time. Although, I feel like I do need a few glasses to get through certain situations. First dates are a must for me as my nerves are through the roof, and other situations do call for a glass or two to get through. I have never been on a sober night out and I don’t think it would be fun if I did. Does that make me a bad person? I can have fun with my friends when Im sober, of course, we have a belting time! (If you’ve watched any of my vlogs you’d realise this is true – we are all very weird lol) But me being the only sober gal when everyone else is steaming.. doesn’t sound like my idea of fun.


When George first asked me if I’d like to do Go Sober October I thought no way I can’t do that. But why not? Why do I feel like I can’t? If it’s going to raise a few pennies for charity surely I can last? I know I’m going to feel a whole lot better if I ditch the alcohol and I’ll be raising money too – win win situation or what?

I will be going out for Halloween which means I will be the only sober gal and therefore I’ll be nominated party mom. Never in my life have I been party mom, always the party child, and the crazy child at that! George and I are also going away to Brussels for his birthday present so that will also be a bit of a hurdle. The place I’ve booked is obviously well known for its beer (lol well done Laura) and it has a bar with the biggest selection of beer in the world… help! I’m not a beer drinker but it would have been nice to take George there. I think there is a rule or should I say exception where if you would like a cheeky drink you can just donate. Feels like cheating I know, but if we end up in this bar for a birthday treat, maybe just once that can be an exception?


I never realised until now just how much drinking is part of our culture. ‘Let’s go for a drink after work’ doesn’t mean let’s go for a lemonade. How often do you see people out in clubs and bars on soft drinks? Watching telly in the evening with a glass of wine is the norm. Shots… why do they even exist? Why do we do them? To get drunk quicker? It’s actually crazy. If I were to stop drinking and go sober at social events and situations people would most likely presume I was pregnant. I wouldn’t be be nominated driver as I don’t have a license, so what other excuse do I have? Maybe I just don’t want to?

Well this excuse is a gooden. All of our donations will go directly to Macmillan. Having been effected by cancer, this charity holds a special place in my heart, which is all the more reason to do it. If you would like to join our team, or just simply would like to sponsor us, please feel free! The link to do so is here.

Thanks for reading,

Laura xx

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