September 18, 2017

10 Things I’ll Miss Most About Summer

Is it just me or as soon as it hit the 1st September did it all of a sudden become WINTER? Not a lot of things piss me off. I’m a relatively positive person most of the time (you can read my tips on staying positive here) and I try not to let things get to me. But when people go on about how they are ready for winter, cosy nights in, chunky jumpers and autumnal colours in the middle of summer it builds a rage inside of me so fierce I could burst into flames at any given moment. Y’see I live in Manchester and aside from my uni days I always have done. I’ve only lived away from the north of England for 5 months of my life which I feel doesn’t count. Manchester, like most of the UK (but mainly the north) has about one week of summer a year, which always seems to occur when I’m away on holiday (lol). Whatever summer we have I want to desperately hold onto it because a little bit of an okay summer is much better than the weather approaching us now. Here are the top 10 things I’ll miss about our summer, even if it was a little rubbish this year…


1 Bardots

I’ve stocked up on quite a few Bardot tops over the summer, like the one pictured within this post, and I bloody love them. Layering up is all well and good, but how are you supposed to layer up a Bardot? Wear a jumper and your shoulders are covered and you miss the whole point of a Bardot; wear a scarf and your shoulders are still cold; wear a cardi and your neck is cold. It’s a loose/loose situation. I’m going to have to give these lovely tops a kiss goodbye and hope spring starts early next year.

2 Summer Daylight

Come rain or shine, no matter how gloomy the weather can be in our British summer, we are blessed with an early sunrise and a late sunset. This means that in summer I leave the house and in the daytime and I arrive back home in the daytime. When autumn hits I get up (very unwillingly, I might add) in the PITCH BLACK and I leave work, again in the PITCH BLACK. I hate it. It’s awful and the only time I see daylight is through my window at work. Ain’t nobody got time for dat. Gimme that vitamin D. Waking up with the sun shining through the curtains is so bloody amazing and I think we take it for granted in the summertime.

3 My Hectic Social Life

I 10000% have more of a social life in the summer. It’s so much easier to plan things when you know at going to be light outside. Meet up after work in summer? Sure! Meet up after work in the winter? Nah I’d rather have a bath and watch some telly away from the PITCH BLACK. Tad over exaggerated there but you get me. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I think we all find it a lot harder to go out when the dark doesn’t make you feel like you should be in bed instead.

4 The Ice Cream Van

I LOVE the ice cream man. Not that I’ve bought anything from him in the last 5 years, but I just love the sound of the van passing by my house and the lovely lil nursary song sound it plays. It just reminds me of my childhood and also reminds me of the sunshine.

5 Pimms

Tell me when you have ever seen pimms behind a bar in the winter? Never. I LOVE pimms. I feel as though it may actually be my favourite alcoholic beverage. It’s possibly one of the very few alcoholic beverages that does not in fact taste of alcohol, which is exactly why I love it! As soon as pimms is back I’m all over it like a rash.

LOTD top*/ French Connection trousers (similar here) /

Vagabond boots (similar here)

6 BBQs

I’m going to so miss the BBQ weather, and more than anything else, like the end of every summer, I’ll be filled with great regret about how many BBQs I’ve actually had. This year I went to one and didn’t organise any! Wtf. I hardly sat outside to eat my tea when I could have and I can guarantee this will happen every summer from now. I’m filled with regret I tell ya.

7 Seasonal Fruit and Veg

‘Oh my god’ you must be thinking, ‘what a bloody bore, why is this gal talking about veg.’ Well, it’s true!! More fruit than anything, it’s so hard to get a good pack of strawberries in the winter! There are lots of in season winter veg right round the corner but I will miss ma summer fruit and veg.

8 Pretty Shoes

No more toes out. (although my toes never really made an appearance this summer as nobody wants to see ~those~ toes) More importantly I’m sad about my ankles. I own a lot of culottes/ slightly cropped jeans and trousers and I love wearing them with trainers which means my ankles are normally out 24/7. What do I do now? Pull my socks up? Who knows. I remember having ankles so cold last winter that they grew a layer of ice I had to peel off when I got home (not exaggerating here I promise) I feel it is time to invest in some more practical trousers/shoes. Sigh.

9 lovely skin

I LOVE the summer because it gives me the most wonderful skin. I cherish those eczema free summer days like they are going out of fashion. I can’t even explain how amazing my skin is in the summer. Spot free, dry patch free, redness free – except when I’m embarrassed of course. As soon as winter hits it’s like my eczema pops up out of nowhere and RUINS EVERYTHING. I just need to remember to look after my skin and all will hopefully be fine, especially as I’m makeup free out of the time now too.

10 flowers

There’s nothing lovelier than walking through town in the spring and stumbling across the very first outdoor florist of the year. So gorj! I’m totally aware that you can still buy bunches in the winter but the lovely hanging baskets bursting with flowers outside of pubs, and the baskets and flowers in our garden are only ever in full bloom in the summer and it’s so delightful!

I’ll miss all of these things, but it’s important to also remember all of the great things autumn has to offer too, like beautiful jumpers, cozy nights by the fire, fireworks, Christmas festivities, coats… the list goes on. Maybe that will be the title of my next post? Haha.

Thanks for reading!

Laura xx

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