April 14, 2017


Long time no see!

I’ve really been in a love hate relationship with blogging at the minute. I haven’t blogged in a month and the blog posts I wrote before that were just weekly updates, that to be honest I didn’t even enjoy writing. Well I did… but I’d much prefer to use my time to show you what I did in the week instead of just telling you. I am still in the process of falling back in love again with blogging and I understand that I need to be passionate about what I am doing or else it will show and I won’t be motivated to write. 

I am in the process of giving my blog a total revamp. I am going for a completely different and professional look which I am really excited about! I am also planning lots of different content. I want to bring in a lifestyle element and I am going to start bringing my camera with me everywhere I go. George and I are going to Berlin on Sunday and I am so excited to show you what we get up to! (possible vlog? Who knows!)

I am finally starting to realise what I want from my blog and what I want it to be and I’m excited to get started again and create my own little space on the internet that I love and I am proud of. I am also going to start a new blog to showcase my illustration work! I am super excited about that too and hope you can follow me on that journey as well. 

A lot of my recent motivation has come from the #Weblogmcr workshop I went to recently. I learnt SO much! Mu photography skillz are now on point and I’m ready to bring some kick ass photos to Smile At Style! I am now confident with photographing in manual mode and I luvvvvv it! Chack out some of the photos below that I tookat the event during the photography workshop run by Georgie. I styled a gorgoeus victoria sponge and photographed it with Kat and Rachel. I think we made a pretty good team! 

Sorry for my recent absence and pretty rubbish content! Please bare with me whilst I give this blog a complete makeover!

See ya soon!

Laura xx

Laura Frances Heitzman

Part time designer and illustrator and full time traveller. Thanks so much for stopping by. If you want to find out more about me visit my about me page :) Laura x

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