Long time no see!

I’ve really been in a love hate relationship with blogging at the minute. I haven’t blogged in a month and the blog posts I wrote before that were just weekly updates, that to be honest I didn’t even enjoy writing. Well I did… but I’d much prefer to use my time to show you what I did in the week instead of just telling you. I am still in the process of falling back in love again with blogging and I understand that I need to be passionate about what I am doing or else it will show and I won’t be motivated to write. 

I am in the process of giving my blog a total revamp. I am going for a completely different and professional look which I am really excited about! I am also planning lots of different content. I want to bring in a lifestyle element and I am going to start bringing my camera with me everywhere I go. George and I are going to Berlin on Sunday and I am so excited to show you what we get up to! (possible vlog? Who knows!)

I am finally starting to realise what I want from my blog and what I want it to be and I’m excited to get started again and create my own little space on the internet that I love and I am proud of. I am also going to start a new blog to showcase my illustration work! I am super excited about that too and hope you can follow me on that journey as well. 

A lot of my recent motivation has come from the #Weblogmcr workshop I went to recently. I learnt SO much! Mu photography skillz are now on point and I’m ready to bring some kick ass photos to Smile At Style! I am now confident with photographing in manual mode and I luvvvvv it! Chack out some of the photos below that I tookat the event during the photography workshop run by Georgie. I styled a gorgoeus victoria sponge and photographed it with Kat and Rachel. I think we made a pretty good team! 

Sorry for my recent absence and pretty rubbish content! Please bare with me whilst I give this blog a complete makeover!

See ya soon!

Laura xx