April 25, 2017

How I Boost My Vitamin Intake


Am I the only one that struggles to fit their 5 a day in and all of the nutrients they need? I may be wrong but I do think the recommended dose of fruit and veg may have changed to 7 a day which is so tough! As well as trying to reach this and sometimes failing miserably, I am also severely iron and vitamin b12 deficient which was brought on by the days I didn’t eat meat. Everybody is different when it comes to how their body takes their diet, and my body just couldn’t hack having no meat no matter how many leafy greens I ate. It was craving iron! 
I try to have as much fruit as I can in the day to get ma vitamin levels up. Anything with vitamin C in it is good because it helps your body to absorb iron. And of course, it is great even if you aren’t bothered about your iron levels as it has super amazing capabilities for making your body feel great. As well as fruit I will also try to have as much veg in my meals throughout the day, but the below are the few easy ways I have find helpful at keeping me as healthy as poss.

A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away

Well.. not technically, but smoothies pack in so so many nutrients and vitamins into one single drink. And you can add veg like spinach and kale and the fruit will still make the smoothie taste mighty fine. I try to have one a day and drink it on the way to work after my breakfast (mainly overnight oats, porridge or good old toast). 
I’ve always found it really handy to have frozen fruit as you don’t have to worry about it going off and they are always super fresh and give you a fantastically icy smoothie. I’ve recently come across ready made smoothie bags in Aldi which are an absolute dreammmm. The perfect combination of chopped up fruit. Just pop it in ya blender in the morning (I use Nutri Ninja) with a bit of leaf, juice and anything else you want to add and hey presto all the thinking is done for you. When I first started making smoothies I made some absolutely disgusting concoctions so I’m glad that I have found these lol. 
In the smoothie pictured I’ve added half an avo, spinach and apple and mango juice (also from Aldi – you have to try it’s the best ever) to a strawberry and banana frozen smoothie mix woohoooo! I’ll normally use orange juice due to its high vitamin C content. But who can resist apple and mango juice when it tastes so good? 

Supplement those Vitamins

Without fail I will always have a vitamin C supplement like the one pictured below. They are the Aldi version of berocca (no I am not sponsored by Aldi haha) don’t quote me on this but I’m sure they are under £1. The raspberry flavor is my personal fav, and not just because it doesn’t leave you with really yellow wee. 

Whenever I am out and about and have to grab a meal deal, I’ll always head to boots like most people (best meal deals after m&s or what?!) and I’ll always grab one of these Get More Vits drinks. They are basically flavored water still or sparkling and are a fab way to get some extra vitamins in. They are much better than picking up a bottle of sprite that’s for sure!! They have also started to do vitamin rich gum which I’ve only just realized. I am definitely a fan of this idea!! They loose their flavor pretty quickly but are a great way to add more vits to your day as well as feeling minty fresh. 


Yes Chocolate! Well dark chocolate anyway. Can you guess where I get mine from? Yep. Aldi again. I’m such an Aldi fan girl. I love to snack on a little bit of dark chocolate when I have a sweet tooth. I don’t drink tea or coffee, and with dark chocolate having more caffeine in it than either I see it as a quick pick me up too. It is also jam packed with iron. RESULT!

Do you have any easy ways to boost your vitamin and mineral intake? I’d love to know as I’m always looking for new ways! 

Laura xx

Laura Frances Heitzman

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