February 27, 2017

Weekly Update 27th Feb 17

 1. This week I joined the gym!!! I am writing this after my first gym class since June. I decided to go for a spin class and my god it was hard. But so worth it as it’s made me more motivated to go more! I have a fab abs class booked for tomorrow and I can not wait to get my abs looking fabbbb.  

 2. As I mentioned last week, George and I went to a spa and had afternoon tea on Saturday. After an hour of gorj treatments we were literally falling asleep! We managed to perk ourselves up and get ready for some food and a night out. We went to Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant and then headed over to the jorthern quarter for some cocktails. An absolute hair disaster occurred though, when I was getting my head massaged the lady rubbed massage oils into my hair so I had to go out with the greasiest hair I have ever seen! Luckily the ‘slicked back’ look is quite popular so I hope I managed to pull it off lol!  

3. I also gave in and lost my veggie status this weekend. I decided that for health reasons it was a no brainer. I am severely anaemic and I wasn’t getting anywhere with just eating leafy greens. It did feel strange and will be something I’ll have I get used to but I’m sure I’ll be able to adjust! After a fair few cocktails on Saturday night we ended up In a chicken shop and I thoroughly enjoyed my chicken nuggets!! 

 4. In my hungover state on Sunday I travelled to Sheffield to meet Natalie, to pick up an iPad she was selling. We actually met through twitter which shows how amazing social media is for opportunities! I am going to use the iPad to draw fashion illustrations and prints on my commute. I travel around an hour and a half to two hours each way so I thought I might as well put that spare time to good use! I want to set up a website soon to showcase my designs so I’ll mention it on here when I do!  

Hope you all have a lovely week this week!  

Laura x

Laura Frances Heitzman

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