February 20, 2017

Weekly Update 20th Feb 17

This week went so so fast I can’t actually believe it. My
week wasn’t as interesting as last week but it was still fab!

1. This weekend Alisha
and I went to visit our friend Meg for her 23rd birthday. She is from St Helens
so we went out round her way. We had such a good night and it was so lovely to
be reunited with the gals again! I was incredibly tired and hungover yesterday
which is why I didn’t manage to write this post till today!

2. Tuesday was
obviously Valentine’s Day (can’t forget it with all the love filled social
media posts flying about!) I don’t personally see the big deal in Valentine’s
Day, of course it is lovely to make a fuss of your loved one, but that should
happen every day! Saying that, we did go to Chester last weekend so we had a chilled
one on Tuesday, I headed over to George’s house for some tea and Game of
Thrones (we got to the point where Geoffrey finally died! It was amazing!)

3. Thursday was a good
day – I went to a #WeBlogMcr meet up hosted by the lovely Holly Wood. I caught up
with some familiar faces and met some new ones too. The blogging community
never fails to amaze me. I love the positivity everybody has and it’s so
refreshing that everyone is so eager to help and support each other. 

George and I have
booked a spa day and afternoon tea on Saturday which I am really excited about
so I will update you on that next week! I hope you all have a lovely

Laura x

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