12 February 2017

Weekly Update 12th Feb 17

I’ve had such a fantastic week this week... I’m really loving life at the minute! I’m hopefully going to do this kind of update post every Sunday from now on; I actually have a lot coming up in the next few weeks so I should have plenty to write about!

1. I turned 23 on Tuesday and had an amazing day! I went out for an Italian at a place called San Giovannis which is just round the corner from my house with my boyfriend George. He actually got me some soft boxes that I can use for my blog photography which is such an amazing gift! I can’t wait to start using them!

2. Last weekend I had all of my uni friends and some home friends over for some drinks and then we went out afterwards, I had such a great birthday weekend. It was so nice getting everyone together again and it was my best friend Alisha’s birthday too which made it extra special. Alisha and Naomi treated me to a pedicure for my birthday which was just gorgeous! We went back to my house after the night out and filmed the most hilarious Snapchat story; we baked some camembert cheese in the oven and vlogged it. We are thinking of creating a snapchat series whenever we are drunk and eating food at the end of the night because it was that funny when we looked over it again the next day. Follow Laurafrancesx for next time lol!

3. On Wednesday I went to a charity event at Goodstock in Manchester with Alisha, got some amazing bargains and then headed to Yard and Coop for some FREE CHICKEN! I am a vegetarian so I swapped my chicken for some fried halloumi bites. We only had to pay for any extras which was amazing... we got chip shop curry sauce on the side and mac ‘n’ cheese balls which were SO good 10/10 I fully recommend. And it only ended up being £2.50 for the full meal #delish.

4. On Friday I went to Menagerie with the girls from work. It was SO fabulous! It is a restaurant and bar that has a runway in the middle with cabaret dancers dancing around you as you eat. I got quite a few snaps with my camera so I plan to write a blog post all about it next week!

5. I have just got back from a lovely weekend in Chester with George. I forgot what a lovely city Chester is, it is so beautiful and old Victorian buildings are everywhere. We had a stroll around the town center and of course watched the football in a good old fashioned pub! 

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Laura x

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