December 14, 2016

Manchester Christmas Markets

I recently went to the Christmas Markets in Manchester with George and his
friends Steve and Hayley, and then a couple of days later I headed there again
for a bit with two of my uni friends Alisha and Sarah. I must really love them
because I am going back there for the day this Saturday! Because of University
and living in London I actually missed going the past few years, in fact I
don’t think I had been for a good three years which is pretty tragic. I
took my camera along both times I visited and thought I’d share the pictures with you
on here as I am pretty pleased with some of them! If you are heading down there, it is also worth visiting The Oast House in Spinningfields, the Christmas Teepees are so beautiful and festive, and the best bit is that they have cocktails on tap!

Have you ever been to Manchester Christmas Markets?

Laura Frances Heitzman

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