October 17, 2016

Hi Again…

It has been so long since I wrote a blog post, I’m not quite sure where to start! I guess I should probably start with what has been going on since you last heard from me. As you might have guessed, the main thing that has happened since my last update is that I SURVIVED FINAL YEAR (yay) and I graduated! I wasn’t quite prepared however for how I was going to feel once I had graduated. Being a graduate sounds very attractive, you are now a fully-fledged adult with a brand spanking new degree to show off and your amazing new future with your amazing new job right ahead. But when you don’t know what the future holds and you are back at home like the 18 year old that never left, life can seem a little less exciting without your bestest friends just across the hall to support you. 

In good news though, I am finally feeling like myself again. After a very hectic year, I have given myself a few months of super chill time, I have had a good response from a few recruitment agencies who are on the hunt for design jobs for me (fingers crossed!) and I have just got a part time job at Hollister to get me some dolla for the time being. I didn’t start Smile At Style again when I wanted to which meant that it was easy for me to keep postponing it, I lacked in confidence for a while but things are a lot better now. I think the main thing I have taken through this experience is that it is always important to look at things in a positive light. So what if I don’t know what the future holds, isn’t that a wonderful thing? 

Alsooooo, I feel like these two moments are pretty much up there with graduating (maybe even more amazing?) I finally met my absolute idol Noel Gallagher! And to top it off my friend Naomi and I bumped into Alex Turner in Town! Along with so many other amazing moments I feel that 2016 is pretty much my fav year ever. I went to the Oasis exhibition yesterday too which was incredible and definitely (maybe) one of the highlights of my year. They worked so hard as a band to make it big (which obviously paid off) and going to the exhibition filled me with the inspiration to get back down to business! 

I can’t wait to start blogging again and getting involved with the lovely blogging community. I have so many ideas that I don’t even know where to start! Obviously fashion is going to be the main thing I blog about as it always was, but I do want to go into other avenues too, like beauty and lifestyle as I think it will be nice for us all to get to know each other a bit better. My boyfriend George is also keen to get involved too so you should expect to see him appear on here soon! I feel like I have changed quite a bit since I last blogged on here, I guess my style has changed a lot too, and now the content will be a little bit different! I hope to see you back here again for my first official post! Make sure to stay tuned on my Twitter and Instagram for updates!!

Laura xxx

Laura Frances Heitzman

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