October 18, 2015

Stay Fit Don’t Quit Brunch With Get The Label

Around two weeks ago I went to a lovely brunch at Proper Tea in Manchester set up by Get The Label. I was joined by the fellow Manchester bloggers that took part in the #StayFitDontQuit campaign. As part of the campaign, each of us chose either spinning or bikram yoga to try free of charge for a month. I chose spinning and because I am somebody that doesn’t do much exercise at all, it was VERY difficult! The instructor noticed that I was a weakling and kept picking on me! I have to say that it was very satisfying. As I live outside of the city center, I was only able to make it once, but now I am back at uni I will definitely be taking up more classes and I can’t wait to try spinning again!

The brunch gave me a chance to catch up with bloggers I hadn’t seen in a while and it also gave me the opportunity to meet some of the people behind the blogs I follow. I unfortunately had a very ‘me’ moment (and by ‘me’ I mean Bridget Jones) and I ended up being about an hour late! I decided to get a taxi in rush hour from the train station which was literally round the corner. Big mistake. It turns out that rush hour is not a great time to get a taxi. He also took me completely the wrong way and left me stranded further away than I already was! And to make it even worse it cost me £8 to waste my time in a taxi that was only going to make me late… typical me. It was very embarrassing!

When I finally arrived I was greeted by the lovely ladies from Get The Label and I got to munch on some absolutely beautiful sugar free flapjacks made with fruit and honey. The setting was just beautiful, it gave me a chance to try out my new camera. I am so so in love with it!!!

After a little natter over brunch, Yvonne from Temple Spa gave us a pampering masterclass, we were able to try out some of their beautiful scrubs and creams. My favourite was the Bosom Pal cream which firms your boobs. We were obviously not able to properly try it out there and then, but I love the idea and my hand felt lovely and soft!
Thank you to the team at Get The Label for getting me involved in your campaign and for inviting me to a lovely brunch!

Laura Frances Heitzman

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