October 27, 2015


(Dress – Miss Selfridge / Jumper – H&M /

Coat – Forever 21 / Shoes – Topshop /

Sunglasses – Vintage / Bag – Primark)

Even when it is sunny and cold at the same time I feel like an idiot wearing sunglasses. Like who do I think I am? I am definitely not Noel Gallagher, and I definitely won’t be wearing them indoors anytime soon, although sometimes I forget I am wearing them and I’ll have been in Tesco for around 10 mins before I realise! This particular pair of sunglasses was purchased at a vintage pop up shop in Leeds University union just after freshers week. I don’t think they are actually vintage because they were in packaging and had stickers on them… but lets go with vintage anyway because it sounds cool.
I hope you like this sixties inspired outfit! I am obviously channeling the ‘vintage’ look today. I’m pretty sure that almost everything I am wearing here (except the sunnies) is over a year old – does that count? My little yellow dress was a sample from my Miss Selfridge internship last summer. I’ts been a while since I posted about my sample sale goodies. This time last year absolutely everything I posted on Smile At Style was from either French Connection or Miss Selfridge. It got quite annoying to be honest so I am glad that I have finally found some sort of balance!


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