Latitude Festival 2015

I absolutely loved working at both Latitude and Leeds festival. I volunteered at Latitude for a free ticket with my friends Naomi and Alisha and it was SO worth it. We met so many lovely people and just had the best time. I took two disposable cameras and I don’t know how but I have only just managed to put them all together for a post just now. I love the mystery behind disposable cameras. There were so many pictures I had forgotten I’d taken (especially when I’d had a few too many vodkas!) All of the pictures I had taken whilst watching most of the acts were really rubbish because most of them were taken in the dark and were far away from the stage. I didn’t include these but I hope you can see how much fun we had working there. We had such a good time and we had most of the festival off really. As they say, a picture says a thousand words, so I will leave you to it!