October 1, 2015

Lace Up Two Piece

(Two piece – Luxemme* / Heels – Zara /

Bag – French Connection) 

OH MY. I have just completed my first week back at University and I can tell you now that this year is going to be a tough one. I can already tell that my final year will fly by. For those idiotic and closed minded people that tell me fashion design is not a degree, maybe you should have been in our introductory lectures this week to see how much work we have to do (sorry for the ranty sentence, I am very passionate about this). Hopefully I will have a life. Maybe I will, maybe I wont… who knows! I will keep updating you on here though. Hopefully I am able to blog regularly too – maybe Smile At Style will become an escape from the real world? 

These photos were taken last week during freshers. I wore this little two piece by Luxemme and loved it! It is v. chilly outside which means that I won’t be wearing this outfit again any time soon! Saying that, I probably won’t be going out again anytime soon either. Wish me luck! 

Laura Frances Heitzman

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