October 4, 2015

Hilary’s Crafternoon

Last weekend I was invited by Joe Blogs and The Crafty Hen to a lovely event to celebrate Hilary’s new Jewel range. We used some of the fabrics from this range to get really crafty by creating Jewelry boxes and Suffolk puffs! I had such a lovely time and like many other events I have been to, I met some lovely fellow bloggers. The event was at The Riverside in Leeds and it was in such a lovely location – right by the River!

I had so much fun creating my little jewelry box. I like to get stuck in with these kind of things which meant that I didn’t read the instructions. Well let me tell you what a mistake that was. I literally did so many things wrong because of this! When will I learn? You can see below the lovely fabrics I picked out. There were so so many little buttons to choose from and some beautifully coloured ribbons. I had to pop my ribbon around the outside of my lid because I folded the fabric over the corners wrong! 

After a stressful but fun time decorating my jewelry box, we wend onto making Suffolk puffs. I have to say that I was extremely delighted about this as I did textiles at college and I did A LOT of Suffolk puffs, so I knew that this was going to be a task I couldn’t get wrong. Then again, they are extremely easy to do! All need to do is cut a circle out of your desired fabric, hand stitch around the edges and pull! I decided to make a key ring with mine because I knew I would be able to make good use out of it! 

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