August 6, 2015

Beach Fun

(Playsuit – Zara / Sandals – Topshop /

Bag – Boohoo)

Aloha! Welcome to the first installment of my holiday to Fuerteventura. I want to say firstly that the reason two of the photos on this post are in black and white, is not because of creative expression, but instead to mask my ‘welly line’. What is a ‘welly line’, you may ask? For some strange reason, the ONLY pair of shoes I brought with me to Latitude festival were a pair of wellies. I wrongly assumed that as it was a festival, it was guaranteed to be muddy. It was not. In fact, it did not rain at all and I am now left with a rather unfortunate welly line. One, I may add, I did not manage to eliminate on a 11 night stay 0 miles off the coast of Africa at around 30 degrees heat every day. I have now, rather stupidly drawn attention to this welly line but at least you can get a little humor from it. 

The seas are absolutely beautiful over there. So turquoise it is untrue. My sister Amy and I headed over to the beach at around 8.30pm in hope of catching the sunset. We never realised that the sunset only happened on one side of the island. This was obviously not on our side *crying emoji* which left us bitterly disappointed. We did get quite lovely lighting though, it wasn’t too bright and gave a lovely glow. I have a few more installments (don’t worry not all of them will ramble on as much as this one!) so stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!



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