August 2, 2015

A Maxi And A Palm Tree

(Skirt – Peacocks / Crop Top – Verity Anne / 

Sandals – New Look / Dress – French Connection)

This is another holiday outfit from when I visited Greece at the beginning of July. I absolutely love this dress, although I have to say it is so long that I kept tripping over it and by the end of the evening the bottom was filthy! You can’t really tell when you look at these photos but I literally got bitten about 80 times! As we had the sea at our doorstep, it was unsurprising that we had so many midges around us. The non stop scratching of our legs didn’t ruin our holiday one bit though. As you may already know, after this holiday I practically went straight to Latitude festival to work. I can tell you that I had the best time ever! I took along two trusty (sometimes not) disposable cameras. I am waiting for these to be developed and as soon as I can I will be scanning these in to create a photo diary post for you! If you keep up to date with me via Instagram you will know that after Latitude a jetted off to Spain with my family, which is why I have been a little off the radar the past few weeks. I have lots pictures to share with you from this adventure too so stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!



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