White Maxi

(Dress – Goldie / Denim Jacket – French Connection (similar and on sale!) /

Shoes – Topshop)

A couple of weeks ago , I met up with fellow Manchester blogger Frankie from Fashion Dough, who’s blog you might already be reading. I have actually already posted the first look we photographed, if you haven’t seen it you can find it here. As much as I love my boyfriend and sister, it was so fun to be able to take some photos with a like minded fashion blogger. Frankie is lovely and we had a good laugh taking our outfit shots. We were able to give each other direction and swapped photography and blogging tips.As I mentioned in my first post, Frankie actually used her camera to take some shots for me which was really nice of her. I am so in love with the quality of the photos – I really want to invest in a better camera now I can compare what my current images look like to what they could look like! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!



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