June 9, 2015

Giveaway – Win a Glamping Weekend Away And A Glamping Goodie Box

Summer is right around the corner. And looking at the weather for this week in rainy Manchester, it looks like it is here already! I am really excited to be going on holiday with my family and hopefully with Josh as well if we book a last minute deal in a couple of weeks. I’d love to go on holiday with my friends too, but three holidays is a lot, especially for somebody who has spent the year as an unpaid intern. Camping sounds like a better option for us and is something I have been looking into. I have lovely memories of camping with my Dad in my younger days, and now there is the added bonus of electricity, proper beds and an actual waterproof roof (AKA a wig wam!). These types of holidays are also known as Glamping. 

Get The Label have teamed up with Wig Wam holidays to create a giveaway. The prizes include: A 2 night Glamping holiday, £75 to spend at Get The Label and the ultimate Glamping gift box worth over £80 (see mine above!). The gift box includes:

A selfie Stick

A solar phone charger (probably my FAV)

Havaiana flip flops

Outdoor Bluetooth speakers

A BRITA filter bottle

And loads of other camping goodies!

All you have to do to enter is follow this link and fill in the details.

Dont forget to follow Smile At Style and Get The Label on Twitter and Instagram too! 

Instagram: @smileatstyle + @getthelabel

Twitter: @smileatstyle + @getthelabel

Good luck everyone – let me know if you have entered! 

Laura Frances Heitzman

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