31 May 2015

Festival Wishlist

Festival season is fast approaching us and I am lusting over anything boho. I keep finding myself saying 'ohhh this would be great at a festival teamed with this, this and this... so I thought I would share my picks with you! I have to say that the slightly longer items (the jumpsuit, trousers and dress) are probably not suitable for British festivals because of their extremely muddy reputation. These garments are more suited to the sunny festivals overseas! 
As you may be aware, I didn't manage to get Glastonbury tickets, I may not be going to a festival this year but these are my top picks, and what you would probably find I would wear to one. (maybe not the more expensive luxury items - but you gets me!)
Are you going to any festivals this year? Have you seen anything that you like?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. Oh gosh that dress is AMAZING! So jealous of your fun in the sun, hope you can grab some tickets to at least one! Enjoy!

    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  2. Those Motel culottes are my favourite pick from your wishlist. Such a gorgeous colour!
    I'm sure you'd totally rock all these chic pieces even if not going to a festival this summer ;)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  3. Thank you! I love them too - I think they would look lovely with the crop top! xx

  4. I love the Motel culottes, they're such a vibrant colour! And how adorable is that bum bag, cute and bloomin' useful at festivals too :) Sadly I won't be going to any festivals this year, hopefully next year!

  5. It is so gorgeous isn't it! xx

  6. Yes - they are definitely useful! The culottes are so great! Not sure if I'd pull them off as I am so short haha! I have just found out that I have been accepted to work at two festivals now which is amazing! May actually have to invest in some of these! xx