Casual Culotte Jumpsuit

Paisie Jumpsuit / Converse / French Connection Bag 

I am not somebody who regularly wears converse, or flat shoes at all for that matter – I am more of a chunky shoe boot kind of girl. I felt a huge sense of relief when I headed out at the weekend in my sisters white high top converse. I found myself thinking why don’t I do this more often? I walk faster in them, I am 100x more comfortable, it would mean that running for the bus in the morning wouldn’t be half as embarrassing as it is when I totter across the road in the vain hope of not falling over. However, at the same time I did miss that little totter and once you fall in love with a bit of height, it is hard to go back. I was wearing this fab jumpsuit though so I still felt feminine even though I didn’t have my regular little totter. Seriously, how gorgeous is it? It is another awesome piece from the brand Paisie that I borrowed last weekend from the showroom I work at.

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