March 22, 2015

B & W

(Turtleneck – River Island

Leather Skirt – French Connection

Bag – French Connection

Shoes – Topshop)

It is good to be back! I don’t really know what has happened to my blog the past five weeks. Well, I sort of do.. I guess I have been getting home from work in the dark every weekday, and then at the weekends I have either been super busy or everybody else has so I have had nobody to take my photos. I have also been extremely unmotivated which has not helped. The light is my main issue. If I had a beauty blog it would be all different as I could film/take pictures inside myself, but natural lighting and a full length photo is pretty hard to pull off inside in the evenings. When the clocks go back in two weeks there will be light when I get in from work (hurrahhh) and, therefore, much more frequent posts. 

I have gone through a transformation these past five weeks, I am much more organised and motivated, and I have also lobbed all of my hair off and got myself a fringe. Which I have grown to hate even more each day I have had it. A word of advice for anyone – NEVER EVER EVER USE JOHN FREIDA GO BLONDER SPRAY. It fried my hair so much that it was straw like and beyond repair.It was so convenient that it was able to blend my roots in and I didn’t need to dye my hair for 6 months, but I had to get so many short layers and a fringe to save it, it just isn’t worth it. 

Anyway, onto the post! I got these gorgeously fugly shoes when I visited Chester a couple of weekends ago with my Fiance (it was beautiful by the way). I love a good chunky shoe so I had to get them (birthday treat!). I definitely have an addiction to leather skirts, whenever I have a wardrobe dilemma, I always reach for one of my many little leather babies. Yesterday, I centered around this bad boy and paired it with a roll neck crop top and bare arms and legs – got to make the most of the sun, you see. I quite enjoyed playing around with a bit of black and white, I think it is something I might do more often!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!



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