January 4, 2015

My Style Icon – My Grandma

After sadly loosing my Grandma last September, me and my sister Amy went through all of the photos we could find of her and scanned them in to make a slide show for all of her friends and family. We came across so many little gems which made me realise that I wanted to do a little tribute myself. With having a fashion blog and genuinely believing my Grandma was one of the most stylish ladies in the entire world, I knew I wanted to do a post about her. I have been thinking about doing this for a long time, but it was quite hard for me to do as I have still honestly not come to terms with the fact I will never see her again. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing these images on the web for the world to see, she does look amazing though. When I was selecting the images to feature, I found myself picking out quite a few sentimental ones too that just had to go in, like a couple where she is with me, and a few really lovely ones with my Grandad (you will know which ones I mean when you see them)

I have always looked up to my grandma for fashion inspiration and advice, as far back as I can remember I was always trying on her clothes, shoes and lipstick – not forgetting her pearls and clip on earrings too! She was a fabulous lady inside and out and I hope you can see that looking through these photos.

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RIP Grandma xxx

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