28 December 2014

Last Weekend In London

|| Coat - French Connection || Jeans - Gap via Charity Shop || Boots - H&M ||
|| Bag - eBay || Top - Zara ||

It's been a busy week this week! It was of course Christmas day on Thursday and I moved back to Manchester on Sunday. So from then till now I have been busy unpacking and catching up with friends and family which unfortunately left me with less time to blog. These photos were taken last Saturday; my sister realised it was about time to visit me in London when it came to my last weekend. As I was leaving on the Sunday, we packed so much into the Saturday! We had a lovely brunch at Bella Italia on Leicester Square, visited the wedding dress exhibition at the V&A, went to Winter Wonderland which was AMAZING and after a fancy dinner saw the west end musical Made in Dagenham. The majority of these photos were taken on the way to the museum because I thought the area was lovely.
The coat I'm wearing here is another French Connection gem. It is the same style of coat that I was wearing here. I actually received this coat as a present from everyone at my internship when I left last week which I thought was lovely! I went for a casual look and opted for (near enough) monochrome yet again. 

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  1. Your coat is amazing!

  2. shivonmakeupbiz 29 December 2014 at 19:28

    ah i love the last picture! girl you look gorgeous as always, missing you already so much, noel Gallagher is upset. ;) xxxxx

  3. Thanks gorgeous! Aw missing you too! Hehe tell me about it he just doesn't know it;)