28 November 2014

Supermarket Chic - George Dresses Wishlist

I have always loved a good bargain, and as you may know, I love anything sparkly even more. Lovely little dresses like the ones you can see above are perfect for the upcoming season and they come with a price tag that doesn't even compare to the likes of more expensive stores on the high street!
These are six of my favourite dresses from George at the moment. You can find their whole range of dresses here.

The first dress on my wishlist was the dress that caught my eye the first. It looks totally expensive because of its satin like fabric and the tailoring. At £16, this dress is the perfect 'quick I have nothing to wear let me buy something sassy yet cheap because I can't afford to break the bank if I am going out tonight, but I can't go out tonight it I have nothing to wear' kind of dress. 
This dress is the perfect all season dress. It can take you through the festive season with its sparkle, yet the colour is perfect for summer too! Who doesn't like pastels?
Sequins sequins sequins! I love how this dress isn't just covered top to bottom in sequins, it is actually covered in a cracked paint kind of pattern which is really cool. 
This is such a 'me' dress. It's pink, it's lacy, its pink and its lacy. It is a little more expensive than the others but totally worth it I reckon!
Okay, so this dress is 1920's style, it is pink and it is embellished with sequins. Is there any more I need to say?
This dress is 100% Christmas in a nutshell - The ultimate Christmas dress! I don't know about you but I wanna rock around the Christmas tree in this little number! 

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  1. The gold dress is the perfect statement piece and a bargain for only £25 Gisforgingers xx

  2. I know its lovely isn't it!!

    Laura x