November 5, 2014

I Couldn’t Think Of A Name For A Post, So Instead I wrote This

|| Coat – Forever 21 || Top – H&M || Jeans – Gap via Charity Shop || Bag – Fiorelli || Shoes – H&M ||

Total mental blockage at the moment. I can’t even think of a name for this post, even though I could have literally described something I was wearing – because that is what the post is… I guess that’s what happens sometimes though (more than sometimes for me as it goes). So I have literally worn this Forever 21 coat nearly every single day since I bought it – defos worth the £56 I spent on it, even if it was only Forever 21! It was the only style of coat in this length that actually seemed to suit the winter weather as most I have seen are so thin it is unbearable! To be honest, I probably could have just bought a thin one now I look at it, it has only really turned into winter just now, it seemed to be summer one day and winter the next – completely skipping autumn! 

As I hinted in my last post, these jeans were a total steal from a charity shop (not literally). I say this because they were only £4 and vintage Gap. I have been looking for this kind of fit for ages; it seemed to be quite hard to find some that suited me as the ‘mom’ fit usually has a waist that isn’t high enough for my liking and more than likely goes baggy and loose around my bum – if you haven’t noticed, my bum is flatter than a piece of card board. I have to say though, these jeans are the perfect fit and even if they weren’t, they were still £4, and I would have probably convinced myself they were perfect anyway! 

I HAVE to talk about these boots. If you scroll down or select ‘see more’ you can get a closer look at them. I noticed them in the corner of my eye whilst in H&M and basically knew at that instant I would be buying them that day. My friend Naomi actually said that she thought they kind of resembled the shoes that Bratz dolls would have come with when we were younger – you know the ones that you just popped off and the whole foot came off too? Now I can’t stop thinking about it and now I am longing to be as fabulous as a Bratz doll one day!

I have done it again, thanks for getting to the end of my ramble, for someone with a mental blockage I have talked a lot on this post! I hope you enjoyed!



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