November 5, 2014

Charity Shop Bargain

|| Coat – Primark || Jumper – Charity Shop || Jeans – Zara (last season) || Boots – Missguided ||

The knee high boots I am wearing here are my favourite heels – if not shoes in general to date. I want to warn you in advance that they will be on my blog. A lot. I mentioned in the post that features my beautiful friend Alisha (you can find it here) that I recently went to a few ‘posh’ charity shops in the west of London and found some amazing bargains. The jumper you can see pictured here was one of those. I have to add that it is actually a mens jumper, but who cares when it was only priced at £6? As I have extra terrestrial psychic powers, I can indeed predict that another charity shop bargain will be seen in my next post. Possibly a pair of Gap jeans for £4? (I know, I can’t believe it too) I seriously need to start shopping in charity shops more often, it is both better for the environment and for those in need than a regular high street shop, not to mention my bank balance!

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