October 9, 2014

Oversized Check

|| Coat – Primark || Top – Vintage || Skirt – Primark || Boots – H&M ||

So my pink hair is still here and to be honest it is actually really growing on me! It has started to fade since I took these photos but I am loving the selection of colours Bleach London has and I’m considering trying a few more out once the pink fully fades. This Coat was an absolute steal from Primark. I really needed a new black coat because, of course, they go with everything, but as soon as I saw this, I grabbed it and ran (for the till). It is THE perfect shape as I am loving anything oversized at the minute, I also love how it is slightly rounded at the shoulders due to the extended shoulder seam. Once again I am wearing my new (ish) H&M boots – I just love the, so much!! But as you may have also noticed, I am actually wearing no Miss Selfridge which means that this is a very special moment – they don’t come around too often! You can’t really see the skirt that I’m wearing here because the coat is hiding it, but feel free to keep reading to see more photos with the skirt visible. It is one of my favourites and always seems to find its self creep back into my blog every now and then. 

See you soon! 



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