Printed Trousers and Chunky Shoes

|| Crop top – Miss Selfridge || Trousers – Miss Selfridge || Boots – H&M || Bag – Primark ||

Can you even believe how great these boots are? They are exactly what I have been looking for – chunky with a big platform yet with not too much heel so they are just comfy enough. I even wore them a whole 9 hour shift running around – how brill! Once again I apologise, my blog seems to have become some sort of Miss Selfridge shrine. I intend to fix this straight away. Sometimes when I sit down to do a blog post I end up giving myself some sort of mental block and I literally stare at the screen wondering what to write. I’m all like ‘why is my post so blank?’ ‘I need to think of something to say!’ which is never good. I always find when I try to force something out, it doesn’t look natural and is simply quite boring. So I am going to leave it at this my friends.

I have a couple of outfit posts lined up so you won’t notice unless you follow me on Instagram or see me panicking about it on Twitter. But whilst writing this post I am actually dying my roots by myself and I am pretty traumatised. So in a week or so look out for a hair disaster! 

Also, as mentioned in a previous post, don’t forget to vote for me in Style Fruits ‘Hit The Books’ competition. If you do I’ll love you forever! You can vote here.

Looks like I had something to write about after all!



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