September 30, 2014


|| Shirt – Zara || Skirt – Topshop (via eBay) || Boots – New Look || Bag – Motel Rocks ||

I am not sure whether this shirt has been on Smile at Style before as I have had it a while and I wear it loads! I always get compliments when I wear it and when I say that I bought it for £7 no one can believe it! It has a really silky feel to it and the print is just heavenly. I do apologise for the lighting in these photos, it was even a cloudy day so I don’t know how on earth it got so bright! In the photo below, you cant even see my head, it is just a big ball of light! Anyway, on to the outfit again! I have definitely worn this skirt before, you may have seen it here a couple of weeks ago. Funny enough this post had really bad lighting too – I can see a trend starting and I don’t like it. Camera training is necessary.    

I hope you have a lovely day,



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Laura Frances Heitzman

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