September 7, 2014

Bloggers Love Fashion Week Pre-Party / OOTD

Last Monday I attended the Bloggers Love Fashion Week Pre-Party which was such good fun. I met so many lovely people and got a taste of things that were to come on the two main evenings!
Bloggers Love Fashion Week was organised by the lovely Danielle of Bloggers Love, which is a company that organises events to bring together bloggers and brands.
At the pre-party I was happy to meet so many beautiful people – bloggers and brands alike. As well as connecting with brands, it gives bloggers a chance to get to know other bloggers like them. For me this was really nice because I don’t really know any other bloggers personally and it is nice to get to know people who ‘get’ fashion blogging like you do!

The event included a few brands that were going to be showcasing their stuff in the fashion shows of the main events. The brands included Ellie Air, Syreeta Badu, Vania Couture and Eleanor Linden. It was nice to actually meet the designers too as they are the brains behind the beauty! There was also a photography booth ran by the lovely and talented Emily Darcy Adams who offered some well needed advice where photography is concerned, there was a vlogging booth where you could get tips about vlogging (v. scary world!) and a blogger speed dating booth which was organised by Zeena Xena.

I had a brilliant time at the event, and had an even better time at both of the main events which you should stay tuned for!

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(Apologies for the bad lighting!)

// Dress – Miss Selfridge Sample // Jacket – USC // Faux Fur Gilet – Miss Selfridge Sample //

// Boots – New Look //

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