August 7, 2014

OOTD / What I Did Today / Street Style!

|| Top/Dress – H&M || Skorts – Zara (last year) || Boots – New Look (v old) || Daisy Bobble – Topshop (similar here) ||

Bit of a mish mash post for you today! The other day, I met up with some friends at Oxford Circus and decided to take some snaps of my outfit, little bits of scenery, ice cream and some stylish ladies! The dress/ top I am wearing here is one of my many bargain buys, at £15 it was just too good to miss. It is structured almost like a crop top and then the splits down the side make it blow so beautifully in the wind. There was actually only a size 14 in stock which in reality is far too big for me but I think I can get away with it being quite big and extra flowy. I have paired it with my fav pair of white skorts because I think they look really lovely showing through the sheer black fabric and peeking through the side slits of the top. I decided to pop my daisy bobble on my wrist because I basically just love it and I didn’t want to put my hair up! 

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 These boots are defos in need of a clean! Sorry!

 Quick shopping breaks in Urban Outfitters are destined to end like this.

A bit of good old touristy pics. I am actually surprised I haven’t done any tourist kind of things yet apart from visiting Regents Park! And Oxford Circus is definitely not the finest tourist attraction in London. I am determined to make the most of my time here so hopefully you will be seeing some more photos! No landmark will ever get me as excited as I was when I realised there was a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream van on Oxford Street giving out free ice cream. Yes you heard it right – FREE. Aparently they are doing some sort of frozen yogurt tour? No idea if it is just around London or the UK or even the world/Universe but if you see one, you have to try the honey, caramel and vanilla flavour. Scrummy! 

I wasn’t originally on the look out for some street style snaps, but these two ladies looked exceptionally spiffing so I couldn’t resist taking some snaps. Baring in mind it was about 5.30pm aka rush hour, they were also the only girls that weren’t rushing around, and therefore I could stop to take a picture of them. So, I would have had more pictures and could have dedicated a whole post, but that can wait for another day when I can take pictures at a more convenient time! 

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