May 25, 2014

Whites, Brights and Florals

|| Blazer – Miss Selfridge || Crop Top – Miss Selfridge || Skorts – Zara || Socks – Topshop ||

|| Shoes – Converse ||

As I have said in many of my other posts, I am SO excited for summer. Mostly for the sunny weather, the ability to do summery things like, I don’t know, going outside without the immense fear of being soaked. However, I am also extremely excited that I can, quite possibly wear my skorts on a regular occurrence again (hallelujah!) I haven’t been able to wear them till recently because they don’t look good with tights and there is no way I would have been able to have gone bare legged this winter! 

As soon as I saw this crop top, I thought that it would look amazing with the bright blazer you might have also seen here. As I explained in that post, it is actually highlighter bright in real life – the camera just fails to pick it up!

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