May 24, 2014

Sunglass Junkie

I have just received three pairs of sunglasses courtesy of Sunglass Junkie and thought I would share with you what I thought about them! At my first glance at their website, I was absolutely astounded at how many incredibly lovely shades there were to choose from which made my decision of which ones to pick much harder! With my round face though, the bigger the frame, the better!

I noticed that they have offers on (I’m not sure if this is all the time, or just at the moment) that you can buy any 2 pairs for £25 and any 3 for £35 – which is amazing seen as though the prices go up to £20! It is also free shipping on all orders in UK!

Here are the glasses I picked and what I thought of them:



|| Tortoiseshell Cat Eye Sunglasses ||

 These cat eye sunglasses are the definition of cute! For me, they are the best kind of cat-eye shape because they are more rounded and the shape is not too sharp. They are also quite large which means they both suit and fit my big head! I think the tortoiseshell print on the rim of these sunglasses is the best part of them for me – so chic!

|| Wimbledon Wayfarer Sunglasses ||

I think wayfarers are the best kind of shape for me as I have a rather large and round face, so their square shape gives my face the illusion that it is less round and more oval shaped. I love the size of these sunglasses and the colour of the lens too!

|| Tortoiseshell Wimbledon Wayfarer Sunglasses ||

This is my favourite pair out of the three sunglasses. It is the same shape as the previous wayfarer style, but with a tortoiseshell frame that fades into clear towards the bottom. I absolutely love this pair and I think they will be permanently glued to my face for the whole of the summer! 

As a whole, if you are going on your holli bobs this year and are looking for a new pair of sunnies, I would definitely recommend having a look at Sunglass Junkie as there are so many amazing styles to choose from and they are really good quality!

Thank you for reading,



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