May 18, 2014

An Outfit Post Featuring Dylan the Cat

When I was taking photos in my garden for this outfit post, my cat managed to get in every shot, with this, I thought it would be a lovely idea to kind of feature him in this post as he is my favourite little ball of fluff in the whole world! My little friend is called Dylan, and if you follow me on instagram you will be familiar with his little face and his antics. He is quite possibly the most lovey dovey kitty ever, he even goes as far as walking into my neighbours homes and cuddling up to them in bed – the cheeky little thing! 

Anyway – on to the outfit! This faux leather skirt is in the loveliest colour I am actually in love with it. It is another one of those items that you can wear in lots of different ways. I think it looks really fresh next to white and therefore perfect for the kind of weather summer has in store for us! Putting frilly socks with heels isn’t really something I have ever done, but I feel like they are so cute they had to make an appearance in this outfit, and I would like to think they don’t look out of place!

I hope you enjoy my post and pictures!

thank you for reading,



|| Skirt – Lipsy || T-shirt – Miss Selfridge || Heels –New Look ||

|| Socks – Topshop || Bag- New Look ||

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