April 29, 2014

UK Blog Awards

Hello everyone, sorry for posting quite late after the date, but I guess it is better late than never! Friday was the National UK Blog Awards and I had an absolutely FAB time. I got to meet so many amazing people and it was such an honour to be there. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the award for best retail and fashion blog, but I still had an amazing time and was just happy to be there really! I want to thank everybody for voting for me, you have enabled me to be able to call myself a finalist of the first ever UK Blog Awards and I could not be happier to! Here is to making it happen next year!

Outfit Details:

|| Hair Band – Camden Markets (actually my sisters – shhh) || 

|| Dress – Oasis (another last season dress – could not wait to wear it again!) ||

|| Clutch Bag – New Look || Necklace – Swarovski ||

Once again everything in this post you could call ‘old’, you would think I would buy something new for an awards ceremony like this, but 1) I am a poor student and 2) I love this outfit!

The blog awards is described as being the ‘Oscars of the blogging world’ and you can see here that it literally was! It looked amazing!

The venue was filled with lovely things, there was a really cute popcorn and candy floss stand (completely forgot to take a picture – what a fool) and a company called Luma were there, if you saw from my instagrams of the night, I got to create my own logo thing to go on a tote bag! My design is above! 

The lovely founder of the Blog Awards, Gemma giving a little speech. 

The ORIGINAL STIG giving out one of the awards. (Also forgot to get a picture with him – what a fool – again!)

The hilarious Alan Stevens who was the host for the night.

Me and my new best friend Marilyn (obviously after a few drinkies – as you can see by the letting down of my hair and my general persona). 

With Alex from Bambella Blog who won the award for best retail and fashion blog – how gorgeous does she look?

With some of the lovely bloggers I met!

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