April 3, 2014

Dr, Who?

|| Jumper – Primark || Gilet – (No idea – it’s my sisters -shhh) || Levis – Vintage || 

|| Boots – New Look || Bag – New Look ||

I was so excited when I received this Dr Who jumper! I am a compete nerd when it comes to Dr Who – well, I was until David Tennant left – I couldn’t face watching it after that! Anyway, that is another story that I could quite possibly talk about forever, onto the outfit! With the weather at this time of year, you can wake up and it can be the sunniest day in the world, and a couple of hours later it can be raining up to your knees! That’s why I think gilets are amazing; they are light enough to carry around when it is sunny, they can keep you warm when it is a little chilly, they aren’t too stuffy for spring weather and you can just pop the hood up when it unexpectedly rains! The vintage Levis and shoe boots make the jumper look a little more cooler than if they were paired with just a plain pair of jeans.

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