March 7, 2014

LMFLMF – Love My Figure, Love My Fashion

I have recently discovered a new website called Love My Figure, Love My Fashion (LMFLMF) which you can find here and it is so amazing! It can be really hard to know how to dress for your figure sometimes, and even harder to determine your body shape. Love My Figure, Love My Fashion helps you to do just that. All you need is a tape measure to measure your bust, waist and booty and the website tells you your body shape and how to dress for it. It even has separate sections for each body shape with the right clothes picked out for you. To me this is the perfect kind of fashion website and I cant wait to see it grow into something big. They sell all kinds of brands such as Motel, AX Paris and Love which is sold in Topshop.

I entered my measurements and now know that I am an “Inverted Triangle” which means I have a little bum and a bigger bust and shoulders. This means that I should dress to cover my top half and try to create the illusion of a bigger bum to make me in proportion. It also means that because I have quite slim legs, they are my best asset. I chose this dress which is priced at £48.99 which you can find here. It has sleeves that narrow your shoulders down and doesn’t show any bust off, it comes in at the waist and has gathering and structured pockets to create the illusion that I am more curvy at the bottom than I actually am! Navy is normally such a hard colour to accessorize, but the pink poka-dots meant that I could pair these gorgeous shoes I bought in Paris with the dress perfectly.

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Laura Frances Heitzman

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