31 March 2014

Fashion Design Project - Future Feminine Trend For Whistles

I have never posted my work on here before, so I thought that seen as though I have just recieved my work back and got my feedback, I might as well! For this project I chose to design for Whistles, and the S/S 2014 trend that I chose to follow was 'Future Feminine'. To be honest, this has been one of my favourite projects to date, it has a very 'me' feel to it and I absolutely adore Whistles - if only I could afford to shop there! The trend focused on geometric shapes, sculpture, florals and pastels, as well as sheer layers and origami like structures. I thought it would be quite nice to share something different with you, so you get to have a look at what I do at uni, and what kind of things go into creating a collection. The flat drawings are the technical drawings, that along with all the annotation and fabric samples would be sent off to the factories in the industry. And the illustrations show what kind of look the garments will have as a collection!

Thankyou for reading,



  1. Ooh you're good at flat drawings! I remember they were my nightmare back in my fashion academy! I really loved the way they look but I just hated drawing them. Maybe because they didn't let us do them with Illustrator, so we had to draw them by hand X_X nightmare! I'd love to see more of your fashion university works, it takes me back ;D

    1. Thankyou Elisa that's so lovely of you to say! I think they are the best part of the design period because you get to see the final result! I definately will do :) xxx