March 5, 2014

Chiara Fashion Blogger Day

A couple of weeks ago I went to Chiara’s headquarters and they pampered me and several other bloggers at a blogger event. It was so lovely to browse their collections as normally you don’t get the chance because they are based online. I was stunned at how amazing the quality of the items were too, as they are very cheaply priced. We were pampered by the lovely hair and makeup artists who were so nice and welcoming as was Ertan, the founder of Chiara and the lovely photographer Dawid. Ertan was lovely and said that we could take an item home with us each, so I chose the tartan dress you can see in the first outfit. It is so cute and me all over! It was such a fun day and I was so excited to be part of it. Thank you Chiara for a lovely day!

Outfit 1 – The Tartan Dress

Outfit Details: // Dress – Coming soon  //  Shoes£19.95 £9.95

I absolutely love this dress, I felt like a little doll wearing it! It isn’t on the website yet but keep your eyes peeled because it is so gorgeous and such a lovely fit! Navy can be hard to style sometimes, but these navy dolly shoes went perfect! This is the dress which I got to take home with me so I wore it out with my friends that night with a white bag and white pair of strapped sandals which also looked really good!

Outfit 2 – Coral and Cobalt Blue

Outfit Details:   //  Jumper: £14.95  //  Skirt: £12.95 £7.95  //  Heels: £24.95  //  Clutch: £14.95

I love coral and blue together, opposites really do attract and this combination along with green and pink is one of my favorites. I also love this jumper, it is so comfy and big, I thought pairing it with some heels would look a little different as you would normally wear a jumper casually.

Outfit 3- The Sparkly Dress

Outfit Details:  //  Dress: Coming soon  //  Heels: £24.95 £14.95

This dress is absolutely stunning and I love it so much! If I could have taken this home with me too I would have. It is the perfect dress for a night out with the girls and is sure to make you sparkle!

Outfit 4 – Another Sparkly dress!

Outfit Details:  //  Dress: Coming soon  //  Shoes: £24.95

I couldn’t resist the urge to wear another sparkly dress! My eyes are just permanently looking for and drawn to all things sparkly. This dress can be worn casually too, as opposed to the other dress which is quite dressy and not as versatile. 

With Hollie from The Post Grad Pin Up and Pam from Glitter Studs and Denim

 The Team!

Photography: Dawid Sobol
Makeup: Marta

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