March 10, 2014

Attending The Burberry A/W 2014 Show

WARNING – There were far too many great images to leave out of this post so it is going to be a hefty one!

When I found out I had got into Leeds University I was so excited for all of the new friends I was bound to meet, being able to study something I absolutely loved, and all of the experiences that were going to come along. Never in a million years would I have expected to have the opportunity to attend a Burberry fashion show. Not one thought ever slipped my mind that this type of thing could ever be a possibility. When I found out that I had a ticket along with some of my friends, I was so excited I actually couldn’t contain myself. My first thoughts were; what am I going to wear? Who is going to be there? and most importantly I am going to be able to see a show that people will only ever dream of going to see! And I was right, it really was a dream. The whole day in fact felt like I was living in a little dream bubble and I was just waiting for somebody to pop it to find myself wondering why I could ever even think I could be in that kind of situation.

The day started off amazing, as soon as we arrived Anna Wintour walked straight past us, we were so starstruck and couldn’t actually believe that she had casually strolled by with not an ounce of security and only two people with her. Unfortunately, we had no time to get our cameras out but you can take my word for it! Here is all of the fabulousness (is that a word?) before the show that I actually got on camera:

Words cannot explain the chaos that happened when Harry Styles arrived!

A very blurry Cat Deeley.

Show was amazing, the atmosphere was too and the clothes were unbelievable to
see in the flesh. They had a quirky feel to them as well as being super floaty,
warm, romantic and arty (everything was apparently hand painted). The delicate
watercolour esque dresses were my favourite pieces, as well as the personalised

The cutest invitation I have ever seen.


Hair and Makeup

Gorgeous bags.

We managed to bump into the one and only Cara Delevingne!

We obviously had to get a few pictures underneath the sign!

They hurt but they were worth it!

|| Coat – Miss Selfridge || Shirt – Oasis || Necklace – Topshop ||

|| Trousers –  Topshop || Shoes – Dorothy Perkins||

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