22 December 2013

Powder Blue

Top - Topshop
Jeans - Zara
Coat - H&M
Bag - Primark

This look is a little more 'Plain Jane' than usual, the next few posts will be older photos that I have taken in the past month and decided not to put on my blog at the point I took them for some reason or another. The reason being that my hair is currently an accidental yellow shade, and to be honest I don't really want it on my blog! I seriously can't wait for Christmas though (3 sleeps!) - obviously for spending time with family and just enjoying that festive feeling, but I have so many little goodies waiting for me in prezzie form that I want to pop on my blog posts already, so I am quite excited about the future blog posts and hopefully my future hair too. 

Lets get on to the outfit anyway, for this look I wanted to be quite neutral and I didn't want to pair this lovely powder blue top with black as I thought it might have looked too harsh. I love the bead detailing around the armholes of this top, this means it can be easily transformed into a nighttime look when paired with a skirt; my favourite colour at the moment is baby pink, and a baby pink high waisted skirt would look incredible with this top. 

Thankyou for reading,



  1. Lovely outfit posts, just started following you! x


  2. I think your outfit looks like something a celebrity would wear when coming out of the airport.. It is lovely and sophisticated :) x

    1. Thankyou! Thats so lovely of you to say! :) xx

  3. powder blue is one of my fav color. it looks pretty cute on you. I hear you about the accidental hair color. I actually just died my hair for that reason.

    1. Mine too I love it! Thankyou! Yeah! I managed to get it looking alright with a good bit of purple shampoo! Hope your hair is looking fab xx