October 28, 2013

The Amazing Figgahugga!!

So on Friday I wore the amazing figgahugga! A while back I received this electric blue dress in the cutest packaging with the loveliest letter ever and I was so excited to get it on! My first thoughts were “Oh my goodness it is SO small how am I going to get this on?” It took me a while, but once it was on I instantly felt amazing and so firm, this was even before I looked in the mirror as well. As you can see in the photos (especially the one to the side) it is actually amazing – I don’t understand how it does this but it really works! The ladies at figgahugga have been lovely too, they have been so great at offering me advice and making sure my dress was okay. It is originally meant to be an under dress, but for this occasion I wore it on its own as I was going to a club with some of my friends. There are so many ways you can wear it, lacy over dresses would look amazing and anything sheer too! I will be investing in a lovely sheer black top that I think will look lovely teamed with a black bodycon skirt over the dress. On Friday night I styled the dress with some little (scruffy) black boots I bought a few months ago from New Look, some coral lipstick and crazy beachy hair.

Make sure you visit Figgahugga’s website here.

I also follow them on twitter for updates on how to style it, you can find their twitter here.

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